Monthly Retainer Model

AsiaAustralis is able to work with clients on a monthly retainer model which allows AsiaAustralis to pursue market opportunities in international markets on behalf of our clients, and provides effective follow up capabilities for clients with in-market opportunities identified. AsiaAustralis consultants travel globally on a regular basis, and are well positioned to provide follow up support for our clients on an ongoing basis.

The monthly retainer model option would develop market opportunities for Australian clients seeking to maintain momentum in Asia and other global markets beyond specific in-markets visits. The specific objectives and responsibilities of this option include:

  • To be on call to provide specific advice to clients on global markets.
  • Facilitate Trade Mission support for a visits of senior management in-market to meet with prospective partner organisations and other stakeholder organisations.
  • Provide on ground market support for any in-country visits.
  • Identify regulatory requirements in-market that would need to be satisfied in order to develop a successful business.
  • Follow up with potential partners in-market during AsiaAustralis in market visits outside of any accompanied trade mission
  • Provide as required advice and support in other markets as required.

AsiaAustralis would be happy to discuss costing for these options at a later date and subject to your specific needs.