Dr. Nathan Gray
Managing Partner

Nathan has over 15 years experience operating in international markets, with a particular focus upon the broader Asian region. A strategic management professional, Nathan provides corporate strategic advice and international management solutions to governments and corporations in the Asia Pacific region.

Possessing a wealth of knowledge and experience, Nathan has worked in management roles in multiple industries; from the health and leisure through to manufacturing and engineering. Nathan’s strongest skills and abilities exist in international business and cross cultural environments, where he has extensive experience facilitating international business transactions and trade between Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. Nathan is a natural communicator with exceptional negotiation skills and abilities, particularly in cross-cultural environments. His negotiation skills have been enhanced through his professional and social experiences, and have been advanced through his academic research in International Business Negotiations. 

In recent years, Nathan has provided consulting advice to the Institute of International Trade at the University of Adelaide on development aid in Asia. Additionally Nathan is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at The University of Adelaide Business School, Nankai University (China) and Flinders University across multiple International Business and Strategy subject areas. This has included leading academic and trade missions to China, Indonesia, Thailand, Europe, World Trade Organisation and the United Nations. Nathan has a PhD into Indonesian Negotiation Behaviour during International Business Negotiations. Nathan has published articles in a number of internationally recognised business journals and conferences.

In addition to his academic and business pursuits, Nathan is an executive member of two of the most influential Asian Business chambers in Australia. Nathan is currently Secretary of the Australian Asian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and National Vice President and Director of the Australia Indonesia Business Council.

Phillip Hudson
Senior Partner

Phill brings wealth of experience operating in the Asia Pacific and Middle East for over 20 years. One of Australia’s most respected strategic management advisors, Phill has advised governments, non-government organisations, industry bodies and corporate boards on the intricacies of doing business in Asia. His experience has been across a diverse range of industry sectors from health to media, with agriculture, development, and manufacturing just a snapshot.

Phill has been actively involved in the Australia Indonesia Business Council for over 10 years as Chairman and National Director for three years and Vice Chairman in South Australia for three years. Prior to his involvement with the AIBC, Phill was Chairman of the South Australian – West Java Business Council. The time and service to the AIBC and West Java Business Council has enabled Phill to develop a strong foundation of connections in government and non-government organisations in both Australia and Indonesia. 

A frequent business traveller to Asia, Phill has built upon his professional connections in Australia and has established a multi-layered professional network in the Asia Pacific that covers most industry sectors and government departments across countries. Over the past 20 years, Phill has undertaken projects in most of the major Asian economies, and subsequently has a high level of practical business knowledge of what is required to succeed in diverse cultural environments.

A background in Economics, Accounting and Finance, Phill is well accustomed to providing comprehensive economic reports that detail the feasibility of market entry strategies, and market expansion plans. Additionally, through years of project managing major projects in Australia and Asia, Phill is perfectly suited to help your organisation project manage your investment into Asia, and provide the practical strategic consulting advice that will ensure your market entry strategy succeeds. 


Associates & Staff

Nicol Morrison
Project Development Associate

Nicol Morrison manages business development for AsiaAustralis. As a top-performing international marketing, sales and business development professional Nicol is credited with over 25 years of expertise driving performance in highly competitive markets in a range of industries with a focus on vocational education, training industries, agriculture and hospitality sectors. He also has over 15 years in international business spread over North America, Europe and South East Asia.

Along with leadership management he reflects strength training and directing talent teams in marketing, communications, and sales sectors to deliver substantial revenue growth in highly competitive business markets. Excellence in business acumen, reporting, and developing, monitoring and analysing budgets. Strength reflected through communication and collaboration with all members in levels of the organization to include clients, stakeholders and community organisations.

Julian Tully
Research Associate

Julian is a Strategic Analyst with AsiaAustralis and an integral part of the team. He brings up to date and on ground understanding of the East Asian and South East Asian political economy and regulatory environment having travelled, studied and worked extensively across Asia over the past 5 years.

Julian has a passion for analysing the geopolitical conditions that effect business throughout Asia. He also brings a unique perspective on international business development, market entry conditions and cross-cultural aspects of business relationships.  Julian has developed this critical business knowledge from his extensive studies in international relations, business and law at the University of Adelaide.

Julian has completed a Bachelor of International Studies (First Class Honours) where he explored “Asymmetric Warfare Techniques and their relatable consequences for acquiring and managing certain pieces of military hardware in the Australian Defence Force”.  Julian also has completed a Bachelor in Law at the University of Adelaide.