In-market business mission support

AsiaAustralis have conducted trade missions for a range of companies, industries, and government delegations over the past 20 years, and understand what is required to affect a successful mission. We have extensive experience dealing at senior ministry and government levels across South East Asia, China, North East Asia, South Asia and the Middle East and AsiaAustralis has Associate Consultants in these markets who assists on major in-country assignments. We would welcome an opportunity to assist with the delegation planning and the setting of in-country meetings. As a general guide, costs for managing trade missions can be determined as follows:

AsiaAustralis support for in-country business and trade missions include facilitating, attending and participating in meetings between your companies senior management and In-market stakeholders as required including (government agencies, distributors, importers, potential partners etc). Our services cover:

  • Pre-delegation country briefing
  • Advice on the in-country program
  • Setting of target meetings and meeting objectives.
  • Schedule of meetings and appointment setting.
  • Attendance at meetings.
  • Support in meetings including negotiation support if required.
  • Availability for consultations with delegates during the in-country visit.
  • Post-delegation debriefing.

Please note that our services would not include travel logistics for your team (flights and accommodation), in-country travel arrangements and other event organisation (e.g. dinners, etc.).